GWE Team invites SCCI Presiden to Solar Expo

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PESHAWAR, Apr 23 (APP): Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry president, Fuad Ishaq urged the government to issue soft loans for promotion of solar and green energy sector in the province.
The SCCI chief said government needs to take steps to promote the solar and green energy sector, which is the only way to fulfill the growing energy needs of the country that will not only provide a clean environment but also create employment opportunities.
Fuad Ishaq was talking to Patron in Chief of Green Wend Energy (GWE) Prof Subhan Qureshi and Chief Technical Officer Saad Rashid here during a meeting held at chamber house on Tuesday.
The meeting was attended by the chamber senior vice president Sanaullah Khan, vice president Ejaz Khan Afridi and acting secretary general Muqtasid Ahsan and others.
In the meeting, Subhan Qureshi informed that his organization is going to hold International Solar Expo 2024 (ISE 2024) on June 1 and 2 in Peshawar, powered by #SunSaviour. He invited the SCCI president, office bearers and members to participate in the expo.
Fuad Ishaq welcomed the initiative of GWE and assured full participation of the chamber’s members in the international event.
Keeping in the prevailing scenario, the SCCI chief stressed it is dire need of hour, urging the federal and provincial governments to take proactive steps for promotion of the solar and green energy sector, because this is the only path to overcome with the increasing energy crisis and needed to encourage this important sector at governmental level.
He demanded special initiatives to launch training programs for young people, engineers and technicians about solar energy so they will get training about the solar energy system and get an immediate job in the market.
Fuad Ishaq called for promotion of industries allied with the solar and green energy sector. During the meeting, it was shared that GWE has established collaboration with Germany and the U.S, through which provision of technical and financial assistance would be ensured.
Fuad Ishaq told the meeting that they will talk to the American Mission in Pakistan and urge them to allocate special funds through their Aid/financial institutions for promotion of the solar and green energy sector.
The meeting was also informed that a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed with Turkiye for promotion of the solar and green energy sector. The participants called for taking full benefits from this collaboration and exchange of delegation under the agreement.
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