Consultation on commercial application of Solar Industry

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Consultation on Industrial Application of Solar Energy

At a vibrant gathering hosted by SunSaviour and GreenWend Energy in Peshawar, stakeholders converged to explore the advancement of solar energy within diverse sectors, including pharmaceuticals and furniture manufacturing. Among the distinguished attendees were Syed Ejaz Ali Shah, Raj Furniture, a luminary in the industry and former President of SCCI/Chairman of the Furniture Association, and Mr. Iqbal Khalil from Global Publishers.

Recognizing the persistent challenge of power outages disrupting production processes, Syed Ejaz Ali Shah and Mr. Iqbal Khalil proposed leveraging solar energy solutions to bolster efficiency within furniture manufacturing. They advocated for a targeted approach, suggesting that the GWE Team conduct on-site evaluations and develop tailored strategies in collaboration with small-scale furniture manufacturers. Exploring avenues for financial support, they highlighted potential partnerships with institutions such as the State Bank of Pakistan and the Bank of Khyber, as well as avenues for direct investment.

Advocate Arif Yousaf, former Special Assistant to the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, commended the innovative initiatives spearheaded by the GWE Team, particularly in engaging young engineering graduates to apply their expertise in real-world scenarios and pioneer novel technologies.

Adding to the discourse, Mr. Ashfaq Paracha, the Convener of FPCCI KP Regional Standing Committee on Pharmaceuticals for 2024-25, shared insights into the progress achieved in solar energy applications within the pharmaceutical sector. He lauded the ingenuity of the GWE team in developing locally manufactured inverters and lithium-ion batteries, marketed under the banner of Sunsaviour, which garnered acclaim for their reliability. Proposing further steps, Mr. Paracha advocated for the commercial production of these technologies under Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and recommended their adoption across the province’s 140 pharmaceutical factories. Highlighting the potential for financial assistance, he outlined plans for Bank of Khyber to extend low-interest loans to 130 factories, totaling 4 billion, with the backing of the KP government.

Moreover, Mr. Paracha expressed his desire to formalize collaboration between GWE and FPCCI through a memorandum of understanding (MoU), aiming to expedite the solarization of various industries across the province. As the Chairman of the KP Chapter of the Pakistan Business Forum and CEO of Delta Pharma, he underscored his commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions for economic growth and resilience.

Engr Zeeshan CEO GWE demonstrated the functioning of the Sunsaiour Inverters and lithium batteries developed by the GWE Team and the scope for commercial production of these items within the country.

Dr Amjad Ali, Director Jalozai Campus, University of Engineering and Technology, Dr Shaheer Durrani, HoD EE, City University of Science and IT and Dr Amanullah, University of Agriculture Peshawar participated in the HiTea and discussed participation of thier students in Ideas Competition and Posters Presentation during the ISE2024. 

Mr Sohail Ayob, the Job Placement Officer of Government Advanced Technical Training Center (GATTC)-KPTEVTA, Hayatabad, attended the HiTea and discussed further collaboration with Engr Irfan Qureshi, Strategic Planner GWE. Mr Ayob accepted the invitation for participation of his organization at the ISE2024. They agreed on sigining an MoU to work together, coordinate their efforts, pool multiple resources and expertise for the promotion and development of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) sector, focusing on demand driven skills and placements of local skilled workforce in various employable sectors. technical cooperation, specially in training the youth for self employment in solar energy applications.

Prof Gulzar Ali Khan, Ex-Dean Numerical Sciences, University of Peshawar, Dr Ahmad Naveed, Director General Livestock Research GoKP, Dr Ataullah, Khyber Teaching Hospital, Dr Malik Ayaz and Dr Bakht Daraz Khan, Livestock and DD Dapartment GoKP and other honorable guests discussed residential applications of solar energy and collaboration with GWE through partnership.

Prof M Subhan Qureshi Chief Patron GWE thanked the honorable guests for participation in the meeting and invited them to attend the First International Solar Expo and Conference at Sheraz Arena Peshawar on June 1-2, 2024 (ISE2024), powered by #SunSaviour